Wall texts

Machine Room of the Gods
How Our Future Was Invented

8 March to 10 September 2023 – extended until 21 January 2024

Technology surrounds and benefits us everywhere we go. Yet however new it may seem to mankind, we have not only the past two centuries to thank for this circumstance. Scientific research was already being carried out thousands of years ago, usually with the aim of achieving ambitious art projects. The findings did not remain bound to their cultures of origin but travelled from one to the next, leading to outstanding accomplishments in ever new places. Scientific thought began with a look to the heavens. The movements of the planets and stars provided the model for the development of artificial mechanics. Technology was moreover an integral part of ancient mythological narratives and was passed along in the works of ancient artists. With the aid of modern media, but also loans of prominent artworks, the exhibition “Machine Room of the Gods” now displays these spectacular findings throughout the rooms of the Liebieghaus. As set forth by the exhibition concept, its aim is to shed light on various cultures as well as different areas of science and their significance for art.

Download the complete wall texts here.

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